Talbot Library For Students Welcomes Everyone Who Thrives For Education

To all the students of the theological colleges in Preston and throughout the UK!


Are your interests closely connected with the study of Theology and History? Do you need full and reliable information for your coming research and studies from the history library? Have you ever been the member of the bible library? Are you in search of a rare theological edition for your theology college seminars? Have you ever heard of the family history library online? Then Talbot Library in Preston is the one to help YOU!

Unique theological and historical library for students

The library history dates back to 1992. Its main feature was in its specific library set. It was a unique theological and historical church library with an educational mission – to help the students whose studies deal with the theological, historical, philosophical and other related topics and provide them with the theoretical background. The christ library Talbot used to be an organization working both for the theological college students who were the active members in the college theological society and also for any eager ones.

The facilities of this small library were quite extensive and unique. Taking into the account the specific needs of the scholars and researches in the field of Theology and History, the christ church library afforded a large collection of up-to-date materials and articles on Theology and History, rare manuscripts and editions which were of great use to the researches. Not even samples from paper writing services such as writres-house can to boast this type of source material.

Talbot Library was an excellent community for thriving and bona fide students. Being the part of it all the members could find the practical and theoretical support needed. The experienced librarians were always ready to help and give practical and useful advice on how to choose the right book for your college theology studies. Sharing experience and exchanging information on the important issues of the research work made Talbot Library not only the place of storing books but also a great place of meeting and communication.

But it’s all how it was, few years ago the library was closed. We as enthusiasts are trying to give new life to this once wonderful place, but this time in Internet. So those who missed the opportunity to visit the Talbot library can have the same experience. We are going to do our best to find again the material that was presented and share it with you, our readers and subscribers. In addition to that we’re going to provide some theoretical articles on theology and history.

Welcome to Talbot bible Library! Get the most of what we have in store for you!

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